Security operations | 3 min read
How to make the most of your virtual SOC tour

Expel used to give prospects an in-person tour of our SOC. Then 2020 happened. Enter Expel’s virtual SOC tour. Find out what’s included and how you can take full advantage of your time “in” our SOC.

Talent | 3 min read
Could you go a week without meetings at work?

Could your company go for an entire week with no meetings? We did. Find out what happened (plus download our Meeting Mojo kit to help you make the most of the meetings you really do need to have.)

Tips | 6 min read
How to create and maintain Jupyter threat hunting notebooks

We got a lot of questions about configuring Jupyter notebooks after presenting at Infosec Jupyterthon 2020. See our response along with some tips for incorporating this tech into infosec processes.

Security operations | 3 min read
Election security: Why to care and what to do about it

Whether you work in security or are an informed voter (or both!), the security of our election ecosystem is everybody’s business. Here are the challenges our system faces and what we can do about them.

Tips | 8 min read
Why we love threat emulation exercises (and how to get started with one of your own)

If your team doesn’t have lots of incident response practice under their belt (yet!), a threat emulation exercise is the perfect way to help them flex...

Talent | 9 min read
A beginner’s guide to getting started in cybersecurity

Our list of five things you can do to take the first steps to an entry-level technical cybersecurity career and more.