Not the Jedi trials, but our free trial could help bring balance to the Force

· 1 MIN READ · JAMES JURAN · MAY 4, 2023 · TAGS: Cloud security / MDR

You didn’t think we’d let May the Fourth go by without a Star Wars-themed post, did you?

In the Star Wars canon, Jedi Padawan needed to complete five trials to achieve Knighthood. Thankfully, we only have one trial, and it’s free. Better, it doesn’t involve intense physical pain, or worse, deep self-discovery. Instead, this trial is all about testing out Expel MDR (managed detection and response) for Cloud Infrastructure.

How does it work? Sign up here, and you’ll get 14 days of full access to our security operations platform, Expel Workbench™, to check out our MDR for Cloud Infrastructure product. You connect your tech, conduct an incident simulation (we’ll walk you through how), and we’ll send you the findings of that alert.

And if Expel actually does detect an Imperial battlecruiser (legitimate threat) in the Outer Rim (your cloud environment) during the trial period, our Jedi Council (security operations center) will have you covered, and will support your cloud environment, like it would for any customer, throughout the trial period.

Once your trial is up, we’ll freeze your account in carbonite and won’t ingest any more data from your connected tech. Then we’ll delete your account and data altogether after another 14 days. We don’t store or keep any of your data after the 14-day frozen period expires.

When it comes to the cloud, we know staying on top of multiple computing environments, databases, policies, and best practices can be complex, time consuming, and burdensome for your team. These concerns could be holding you back from moving to the cloud or scaling your cloud environment. Perhaps you don’t have enough visibility, are having trouble dealing with cloud security alerts, or simply don’t have consistent security coverage across your different cloud environments. Our goal with this free trial is to show you how we can help you up your cloud security game.

So why not test out how Expel Workbench works in your environment? Setting it up is easier than—constructing your own lightsaber, and might just help bring balance to your own little corner of the Force.