2024 Cybersecurity Enhanced Resilience Checklist

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2024 cybersecurity enhanced resilience checklist

What you’ll find in the checklist

The 2024 Cybersecurity Enhanced Resilience Checklist works in tandem with our Annual Threat Report. It’s a condensed and specific list of action items you can use to immediately implement new practices into your cybersecurity strategy to keep up with bad actors.

The list is broken down into five sections, to ensure that you’re covered end-to-end. It includes tactics for protecting against:

  • Threats to your attack surface across the entirety of your business
  • Identity-based threats
  • Computer-based threats
  • Cloud threats
  • Phishing attacks

You can pick and choose what’s most relevant to your business, or implement the entire checklist for a comprehensive defense plan.

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Identity has been and will continue to be the frontier for risk. With location and infrastructure control no longer core places where security controls are added, access and identity controls are the new firewall.”

⎯Greg Notch, Chief Information Security Officer | Expel Annual Threat Report 2024

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We recommend reading the full report first and using this list to guide your security strategy for the upcoming year.

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