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How does your approach to AWS security stack up?

Making sure you’re looking at the right things in your AWS environment is easier said than done. And when there are so many AWS services to get security signal from, it’s hard to know whether you have the right ones turned on and if you’re getting the insights you need.

Consider this quiz a quick gut check.

Tell us a little bit about your org and how you’re currently monitoring in AWS. Then hit the big “How does my security stack up?” button.

In return, we’ll let you know how your security compares to orgs shaped like yours, plus we’ll give you some free tools (yep, they’re free) to help you tune the security dials in your AWS environment.

Welcome to your AWS Quiz

Select all the signals you have enabled:
Why it matters: AWS has hundreds of services, so it’s essential to make sure you’ve got some (and the right) security signals turned on to make sure your team is generating alerts.
Which statement best describes how your team is monitoring the security events you get from AWS?
Why it matters: If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it … same thing goes for security signal. Having signals coming in is a good start, but who’s looking at the alerts?
How would you describe your response capabilities in cloud providers like AWS?
Why it matters: Detection is good, but response and remediation are really where it’s at. Knowing how to fix a bad thing – and having the skills to do it – is critical.
How many people work at your company?
Why it matters: We’ve got customers of all shapes and sizes, and we find that different sized orgs have different security needs.
What industry are you in?
Why it matters: Just like an org's size, certain industries have unique security or compliance needs that need to be accounted for when mapping out your detection and response strategy.
How big is your security team?
Why it matters: We’re stating the obvious, we know, but the number of people you’ve got on your security team today impacts what kind of tech (and potentially additional people) you’ll need tomorrow.
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