Off Script with Expel: a webcast series featuring cybersecurity pros

Learn from cybersecurity peers as they navigate common challenges and their careers

Off Script with Expel: a webcast series featuring personal stories from security pros

This miniseries is a webcast focused on a variety of security professionals sharing what they’ve learned by working in the cybersecurity industry.

These unique stories provide fresh perspectives on how to think about your career, networking, and the security challenges you face.

On-demand Expel Off-Script webcast episodes

From hacking Sims 2 to a career in cybersecurity

In this episode, Lauren Proehl, Senior Manager of Global Cyber Defense at Marsh McLennan, discusses the early challenges she faced that led her to cybersecurity, imposter syndrome, how great people are key, and how advancing your security career doesn’t have to mean going into management.

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Keep learning and find your balance

In this episode, we talk to Gerry Stellatos, Partner, Cyber Risk and Advisory, PwC, who has an extensive background in incident response, and is now also focusing on recovery and resilience. He also shares strategies and tactics that apply to both security tools and stress management.

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Software supply chain vulnerability and personal integrity

In this episode we talk to Paul Melson, VP Cybersecurity Solutions, Target, who transitioned from a hands-on engineer to a security leader. Learn why he’s now focused on lessons learned from the Log4j event, software supply chain vulnerability management, and how it’s okay to admit you don’t know something.

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Navigating the intersection of AI & SecOps

In this episode, our hosts met with Daniel Miesler, Founder of Unsupervised Learning, to chat about the intersection of SecOps and the forbidden ‘A’ acronym: artificial intelligence. Daniel also provides some great resources for any SOC analysts looking to get started in the AI space.

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Embracing Unconventional Collaboration

In this episode we’re joined by Founder, Chairman, and CTO of Bugcrowd, Casey Ellis. Casey is a native Australian (now Bay-area based) who developed the idea for Bugcrowd on an airline flight in 2010. He also shares his thoughts on getting businesses and ethical hackers to work together.

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