Focusing on The Right Cybersecurity Priorities

A deep-dive discussion with Expel & SANS

A quick search for cybersecurity frameworks will have you drowning in options, with each offering up different metrics and criteria.

Something‌ as simple as identifying a benchmarking framework can lead to nothing but confusion. You need to consider your org’s infrastructure, maturity, and capabilities to effectively use frameworks to strengthen your security program.

To help bring clarity to this critical question, Expel CISO Greg Notch and SANS Analyst Expert Matt Bromiley sat down for a deep-dive discussion on:

  • How to determine what frameworks and priorities are best for you
  • How to identify benchmarks and milestones for your team
  • How to share these goals and achievements across your org

If you want to better understand how to best use frameworks, watch this informative conversation.

Watch the discussion