Risk-based prioritization in vulnerability management

A strategic approach to evaluating risks based on severity, exploitability, and business impact.

Software vulnerabilities are the second-most reported attack vector. In addition to exposing your systems to exploitation, vulnerabilities are increasing at an alarming rate, and they’re hard to manage and difficult to patch.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • All about the problem of unpatched software
  • How CVSS isn’t getting it done
  • Why vulnerability management (VM) has ownership and metrics issues
  • How risk-based vulnerability prioritization is the foundation of a better approach
  • The ways Expel can help you accelerate your remediation process

And get a plan to help you build out a strategy and get more resilient.

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Expel Vulnerability Prioritization accounts for the likelihood and impact of exploitation, as well as the business criticality and exposure of the affected systems, something for which vulnerability scanners don’t have visibility.”