Expel Phishing Tour

An additional service from the leading managed detection and response (MDR) provider

With business email compromise (BEC) on the rise, phishing awareness programs are a great addition to any cybersecurity program.

In our 2024 Annual Threat Report, our security operations center (SOC) reported that phishing-as-a-service (PaaS) is increasing in popularity with hackers.

Unfortunately this means it’s easier for bad actors to create convincing out-of-the-box phishing scams.

On top of that, even organizations who have successful phishing awareness programs often lack post-reporting investigations.

Expel’s phishing service provides:

  • Triage of employee-reported phishing emails
  • Investigation of suspicious emails by Expel analysts
  • A detailed findings report with remediation actions
  • Metrics to see what’s happening in your environment, including trends

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