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What is NIST CSF? And why it matters

The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is a pillar in cybersecurity. According to a research report from SANS, 74% of respondents use the NIST cybersecurity framework (CSF) as their cybersecurity framework of choice.

Over the years, NIST has developed a variety of guidelines and resources security operators and leaders can rely on to maintain a healthy cybersecurity posture.

Familiarity with NIST CSF–even if it isn’t your cybersecurity framework of choice–is necessary for two critical reasons:

  1. A majority of your peers use it. 69% of respondents’ organizations in this recent SANS survey use a cybersecurity framework, and a whopping 74% of them leverage NIST CSF. A critical part of cybersecurity is learning from others, and you can’t do that if you don’t speak the same language.
  2. Bad actors use NIST CSF too. Hackers are known to exploit popular cybersecurity tools (like NIST), and you can’t prevent attacks you don’t understand.

Popular NIST resources

NIST cybersecurity framework 2.0: Expel self-scoring kit coverImplement NIST CSF standards to reduce risk

NIST CSF is guidance you’re meant to use, and as a leader in MDR and cybersecurity, Expel is here to expedite that process.

Start here with our blog on How to get started with the NIST cybersecurity framework (CSF). Once you’re confident in what NIST CSF is, it’s time to put it to work.

Our self-scoring tool will show you where you are now and where you’re going as your attack surface scales with company growth. The download includes two resources:

  1. The Expel NIST CSF scoring tool spreadsheet
  2. Detailed instructions for getting started

Download the self-scoring tool

Get your organization ready for the new cybersecurity framework NIST 2.0Why you need to re-score your organization with the release of NIST CSF 2.0

If you’ve already scored your organization with Expel’s tool and a previous version of the NIST CSF standards, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need to do this again?”

And the answer is yes. Why?

Because NIST has added and restructured previous functions and categories, and because keeping your cybersecurity strategy current is a requirement for beating bad actors in today’s landscape and beyond.

Get the latest self-scoring tool