Great eXpeltations: Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2023.

2022 had some interesting “things” and our SOC took notes. Get the skinny on what we saw, and what you can do about it in 2023.

We know peer benchmarking is important to you and compiled data from our full customer base: from small and midsize companies to enterprise orgs, at every phase of the security journey, across every industry we serve.

Join Jon Hencinski, Expel’s VP of Security Operations, and Steve Edwards, Expel’s Director, Detection and Response, to learn…

  • How to spot BAC
  • Why targeted ransomware is more of a problem—in 2022 it doubled from 2021—and what you can do to protect your org
  • If BEC was still the top threat to customers
  • The current identity threat detection trends
  • Whether credential theft via phishing is still growing (is identity the main focus of today’s attacks?)
  • If threat actors are moving away from authenticating via legacy protocols to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA)

This is not-to-be-missed. Watch any time you like!

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