Gartner® Report: 5 Initiatives to Move Toward Security Operations Excellence

 What’s inside this Gartner Report?

  • “Security operations (SecOps) programs looking to boost threat detection performance often focus on existing processes and tooling to identify new threat activity, often missing the true unknowns.”
  • “Today’s threat landscape demands more sophisticated ways to find the needles hidden in the haystack.”
  • “Attacks on identity systems are on the rise, but identity and access management (IAM) continues to fall outside of the purview of security operations, leaving a significant gap in visibility for most organizations.”
  • “Exposure validation remains a nascent initiative even for larger and more mature organizations, lacking effective integration with security operations. This lack of cohesion often results in unmitigated exploitable exposures and defenders left unprepared to detect and respond to imminent threats.”

“Gartner has identified five initiatives — from both foundational and advanced categories — that security operations leaders should include in their two- to three-year roadmaps:

  • Employing a threat detection life cycle
  • Integrating identity defense into SecOps
  • Enhancing threat intelligence operations
  • Performing threat hunting
  • Integrating offensive security into SecOps

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Download this Gartner report to get recommended steps for achieving “Security Operations Excellence.” For instance, “Over 40% of SOCs surveyed have listed their greatest challenges as lack of context, lack of enterprise-wide visibility, lack of procedural playbooks, lack of tool integration and alert fatigue”

“This research, however, focuses on the five initiatives thought to provide the best ROI with respect to reacting faster to imminent threats and establishing a foundation of proactivity.” Use this report to build identity initiatives into your security program to fortify your efforts and build resilience.

Gartner, 5 Initiatives to Move Toward Security Operations Excellence, Jonathan Nunez and 2 others, January 30, 2024
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