Quickly take control of cybersecurity challenges during a merger & acquisition (M&A)

Confidently combine people, tech, and methods during intense transformation

Rapid growth and change. Never more apparent than during an M&A. It’s exciting. But with it comes multiple underlying concerns. One of the biggest: you have to protect both orgs during this transition — and after.

Security is a critical factor and hard to get your arms around. Because it’s not just tools/tech, it’s people/who’s doing what, and processes — how it all works now and how you combine it without expensive redundancies and gaps. To do this, you’ve got to understand the effectiveness of the security tools you already have in place (and the ones you are inheriting).

Our ebook, Getting the most out of your security tech stack in three steps, can help. Your tech stack should play a valuable role in securing your growing attack surface. And you’ll need to make strategic choices about what to keep, what to cut, and what to consolidate as you work to integrate your orgs and become the new (more secure) you.

Get the most out of your security tech stack

During M&As: Expel's security operations platform can help assess and protect the new you!

Systems and people combine, and systems and people leave. It’s the nature of an M&A.

Bridge the gap while you size up where you are, what you’ve got, what you don’t, and where you need to be. We can immediately help protect and support your organization’s M&A process throughout its complete lifecycle (and support your long-term acquisition strategy). You’ll get the time to develop a cybersecurity program in line with your org’s strategic objectives and risk appetite.

With Expel, you gain a flexible, fast approach to ease the transition when onboarding your newly acquired (and even repetitive) tech stacks. We consolidate visibility within hours across a multitude of systems and applications from cloud to ground, so you can mitigate and reduce your risk on Day 1 and beyond with a single, easy to manage view.

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In our most recent M&A activity, Expel was instrumental in our process of deciding when to combine our global network with their multiple smaller independent networks. We were able to ingest their tools into our Expel tenant quickly. Once connected, we could see telemetry data from their environment without an extensive amount of configuration. Because of this ease of implementation, we were able to judge our level of risk in a week instead of a month.”

⎯Ben Uhlig | Global Cybersecurity & Compliance Manager