Pete Silberman

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Silberman is the chief technology officer (CTO) at Expel. Peter splits his time between ensuring Expel has a robust detection and response strategy for all its technical partners/integrations and making sure that Expel is pushing the envelope with new ways to improve analyst experience and efficiency. He works to achieve this while also driving new service capabilities built on top of those integrations. Expel’s exceptional team of engineers get to do all the code writing (the fun stuff!). He gets to write docs and draw pictures for others (the
not-as-fun-as-coding-but-necessary stuff).

Before joining Expel, Peter was the senior director of Innovation and Customer Engineering (ICE) at FireEye. He helped create what’s now known as the FireEye Data Science Group. He worked to deliver new capabilities impacting all aspects of the company’s product portfolio. This includes building technologies to automate various tasks faced by responders, reverse engineers and SOC analysts. Peter spent some of his focus researching memory forensics, finding new artifacts that could be used for detection and response.

Peter often presents his original research at industry conferences including CanSecWest, DefCon, HITB, Black Hat and RSA. He continues to focus on discovering new and efficient ways to automate the repetitive tasks that machines do better than humans, so that humans focus on what they do best – making judgment calls and building relationships that improve customers’ experience.


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