Get a 14-day free trial of Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure

  1. Set up your account to get full access to Expel Workbench™ (our SecOps platform)

  2. Onboard a lab or real environment of AWS, GCP, or Azure

  3. Trigger a test incident to dig into how we protect your cloud(s)

Automated threat management. Speed, accuracy, and transparency. A partner that speaks cloud.

Get early access to the Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure free trial. For security reasons (we’re a security company after all), we’re limiting how many people we let into the trial at one time.

Want to be one of them? All you gotta do is fill out the form to request early access, expect to wait no more than a week or two, and we’ll send you an email when it’s your turn.

What will you have access to? Expel Workbench™ – a no-agents, no-black-box security operations platform. All our managed security products leverage the tech you already own to transparently thwart attackers and breaches that originate in the cloud, Kubernetes, SaaS apps, or on-prem. You need a tech+people combo and process to collaborate in finding, digging into, and responding to, the alerts that matter, to learn and build resilience.

Because at the end of the day, the point is to get better at things.

Experience the difference a software-driven approach can make for your managed detection and response security with the Expel MDR for Cloud free trial. You’ll get 24X7 threat detection and response so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The trial gives you full access to our security operations platform, Expel Workbench, to explore our MDR for Cloud Infrastructure product. This access includes 24/7 support from our SOC and, if during the trial, we detect a legitimate threat in your cloud environment, our SOC has you covered!

The steps you can take to get the most out of your trial:

  1. Sign up: It sounds silly, but you have to fill out the sign up form to get access. We’ll review your request and provision your access.
  2. Create your Workbench account: After you sign up you’ll get an email with details about how to set up your account. Make sure you have an MFA tool ready.
  3. Connect a cloud device (AWS, Azure, GCP) – note that you can connect a real or lab environment. If you don’t have access to these, talk to the person or team in your organization who does, or create a new AWS account just for testing out Expel.
  4. Trigger a test incident: To see your detections in action, manually create an incident in your connected cloud environment. We provide simple instructions for how to do this in your cloud environment.

Yes. You don’t have to give us access to your production data to try out our MDR for Cloud Infrastructure product. Instead, you can onboard a lab environment and trigger a test incident to see what Expel can do.

Want to see the product but don’t have a cloud environment to connect? Check out our MDR for Cloud Infrastructure tour or our other MDR demos.

Right now we’re only offering this trial. But, let us know what you’re looking to accomplish when you sign up, and we’ll find a way to help you get what you’re looking for!

Expel maintains administrative, physical, and technical safeguards and measures designed to protect against unauthorized access to customer data (see our security compliance page for details). As a free trial user, your data is protected under the same safeguards. In short, we’ll treat your data with the same care and confidentiality as our customers’.

At the end of your trial, your account will be frozen and we won’t ingest any more data from your connected tech or monitor your environment. After another 14 calendar days, we’ll delete your account and data. That’s right, we don’t store or keep your data in any way after the 14-day frozen period.

If approved, you’ll get access within one business day, and often much faster than that.

I feel bad for all of my other suppliers, past, present and future.
The technology is clearly superior in an otherwise commoditized space. But what sets Expel apart from its competitors in MDR space, even across all IT service providers, is that they understand what us customers require even better than we do. They are leading us down a path we know is right, but for plenty of reasons, we would not take all these steps alone. ”

⎯Gene D. | Information Security Officer

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Expel is a great partner and definitely one of the strongest players in the market.
Expel workbench platform is a very comprehensive and easy-to-integrate platform, with most of the integrations natively built, requiring us to only provide credentials. On top of it, the content and correlation for the alerts is extremely rich and easy to consume by SOC engineers.”

⎯Danilo N. | Director - Security Compliance

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Expel, the best sleep aid for security conscious companies.
The AI used to triage all alerts helps eliminate many of the false positives and gives me confidence in the results provided. l have not found anything over the last year since we started using Expel that I didn't like. ”

⎯Ben U. | Global Cybersecurity and Compliance Manager

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Expel = PoMSaaS :: Peace of Mind Security as a Service.
The engagement from top to bottom is best in class, open communication at all levels of the company, maturity in security knowledge and offering, having a knowledgeable resource available 24x7 to assist in any pressing security matter that requires investigation.”

⎯Bob G. | Vice President, Information Security and Technology

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