Help (always) wanted: more security analysts with in-demand skills

Solve it with the right people+tech combo

Finding more analysts is nearly impossible. And hiring more analysts to chase more alerts is a vicious cycle. Hold up. Can MDR really help with lack of talent? How?

It’s time to better understand what MDR is (and isn’t). Here’s just the ebook to help you understand the real value of MDR and how it can actually help you solve the top four security challenges (hint: #1 is lack of people).

See how MDR can help

The lack of cybersecurity talent is real.

It takes the perfect union of tech and people to solve this. What if:

  • Tech does the menial, repetitive work
  • Precious analysts handle judgment calls and get to do business-focused projects
  • You keep your people, help them work smarter, and get more done with less

Smarter SOC Augmentation? There’s a security provider for this?

Yep. Our technology and people work together to make sense of security signals direct from your tech — with your business in mind — to detect, understand, and fix issues fast.

Why Expel?

With Expel’s smarter tech+people combo, you’ll:

  • Have no new tech to learn (BYO tech)
  • Protect cloud and on-prem infrastructure
  • Protect your org consistently over time
  • Nurture your internal SOC talent (if you have one)
  • Attract talent to your organization
  • Reduce threat response time by 96%

Imagine – accurately measure your end-to-end SOC performance, constantly improve and hold tools, vendors and people accountable – including us. Your leadership and board will love this!

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Expel allows us to offer big company security, with little company spend. ”

⎯Cheryl Wilson Griffin | COO, Lupl