TEISS TALK on-demand: Protecting yourself and your infosec colleagues

In this videocast, Thom Langford (CISO, Security Executive and Advisor and Teiss talk host) is joined by Kerissa Varma (Managing Executive Cyber Security at Vodacom Group), Kiera Lillie (Head of Information Security & Compliance at EMIS Group) and our own GM & VP of EMEA Chris Waynforth, to discuss their personal experiences managing high-pressure cybersecurity teams –from SOCs to threat hunters.

As seasoned cybersecurity professionals, they address some of the biggest questions facing the Information Security industry:

  • How to recognise burnout in your team and reduce employee stress
  • Conducting stress assessments after security incidents and learning from them and their frequency
  • Understaffed and overworked— how can InfoSec leaders break the cycle?
  • How to approach those challenges strategically rather than in a reactive manner.

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Featured Speakers

Thom Langford

CISO, Security Executive and Advisor
teissTalk Host

Kerissa Varma

Managing Executive Cyber Security
Vodacom Group

Kiera Lillie

Head of Information Security & Compliance
EMIS Group

Chris Waynforth

GM & VP International