Security operations | 7 min read
Managed Detection & Response for AWS

Learn how Expel detected and responded to an Amazon Web Services access key crisis with Amazon GuardDuty & CloudTrails logs securing cloud insecurities.

Tips | 7 min read
10 tips for protecting computer security and privacy at home

Many of us recently became remote workers. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to understand how to keep our at home networks safe. Here are 10 tips to stay secure at home.

Security operations | 4 min read
Thinking about Zoom and risk

For many of us, Zoom is the app that’s keeping us connected. But recent news about security concerns has a lot of us wondering if it’s too risky. So... is it? Our CISO shares his thoughts.

Tips | 4 min read
Five quick checks to prevent attackers from weaponizing your website

Here are some of the most frequent ways attackers can use your website and your web presence to harm your company, your users and the public at large.

Tips | 1 min read
Heads up: WPA2 vulnerability

A (very) quick overview of the reported WPA2 weakness. The TL;DR is “don’t flip out.” (1 min read)