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Q2 Threat Report. SOC trends to take action on | Take a tour of Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure


Secure your apps as fast as you can build them

Start a two-week trial

Expel WorkbenchTM for Engineers

(we’ll take on AWS security while you engineer the next unicorn)

As an engineer your focus is on productivity and company goals. Implementing new features, managing infrastructure (hopefully as code), and dealing with on call pages leaves little time for bootstrapping security. That’s where we can help.

What you get

  • Actionable alerts: Our technology automatically processes your AWS CloudTrail events, and any AWS alerts (Guard Duty) and filters out false-positives.
  • Time back in your day: We can’t magically create a 25th hour in the day — but we can create automation that reduces the time you spend digging through CloudTrail logs to figure out what happened.
  • Runbooks: Our runbooks are your runbooks. When we tell you something needs to be investigated Workbench provides step-by-step guides on how to respond.

Built with our own engineers in mind, let us level up your Amazon Web Services (AWS) security by enabling the right tooling for your needs, configuring them and then helping you cut through the noise.

Request a chat (or don’t and just try the thing).

How it works

(Spoiler: automation flex)

Expel Workbench uses API integrations to connect directly with your AWS instance. Our automations — Josie™ the detection engine and Ruxie™ running workflow automation — get to work enriching and triaging alerts. You only get involved when it’s important (typically < 1% of the time) and we provide a step-by-step guide on how to investigate.

Get actionable
AWS alerts

We’ve built automation, but you
can too. Check out our APIs.

Use our runbooks
to respond faster.

We provide security
observability into your
AWS environment

We’ll provide historical context
on the important alerts we notified
you about so that you can make
quick decisions.

We integrate with
your tools, like

Stay productive … we’ll secure your AWS footprint while you scale it.

Ready to give Workbench for Engineers a try?

When you sign up we’ll send you an email to get-started. You’ll get the steps to self on-board and the opportunity to schedule a guided session with one of our Workbench wizards (cape and hat not guaranteed).

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