Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

We detect and respond to threats in minutes, so you an spend time on what matters most.

Expel Workbench remediation actions taken by Ruxie

Stay in control of a growing attack surface

Resolve incidents before they become risks – with 24/7 coverage across cloud, on-prem, SaaS and Kubernetes environments. Stop chasing alerts and let your team focus on bringing value to your business.

Use your tech. Get onboarded and protected in days. Leverage automation.

Expel MDR is a managed detection and response (MDR) service that works by using the tech you already have, across your cloud, on-prem, SaaS, and Kubernetes environments. That’s right – no fixed-tech or agents to install.

Integrate the tech you already have

Connect your tech to Expel Workbench™— no agents, new hardware (or even a SIEM). Then we apply custom detections and continuous learnings across the platform, so you’ll gain deeper insight from your tech stack and improve ROI.

Get the right automation at the right time

The Expel Workbench platform automates raw log and alert analysis and adds enrichment for interesting events. You can enable auto-remediation for an average mean time to respond (MTTR) of 7 minutes, or we’ll provide full resilience recommendations for you to resolve — the choice is yours.

Filter out noise with context

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) leverages context enriched by the platform and investigates only the interesting events that require further analysis, so you get immediate answers to the alerts that matter the most.

Get transparency all day, every day

Unlike traditional managed security service providers (MSSPs), you get complete visibility into the investigation process. You’ll receive real-time alerts when incidents arise and intuitive reporting that answers who, what, where, when, and why to proactively prevent the risk from occuring again.

24/7 Detection and Response Across Attack Surfaces



Whether you’re cloud-native or migrating, we offer custom detection and response strategies for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We’ll ingest log data and enrich it with context to let you know when we discover anomalous activity, the investigative details and the next steps to fix it.

Secure your cloud infrastructure
Secure Kubernetes


Kubernetes environments have become a security blind spot. We’ll integrate with your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environments to monitor your clusters and help you securely adopt Kubernetes at scale.

Secure your Kubernetes environment
SaaS Applications icon

SaaS Applications

Security is responsible for securing all your tech, not just traditional security applications. Our custom detections for SaaS applications will give you insight into who’s logging in, from where, and when, across your entire organization.

Secure SaaS applications
On-Prem icon


Transform your SIEM, endpoint, and network alerts from noise into answers. Our on-prem detections spot credential theft, ransomware, hijacking, and more. With custom context and prioritization for alerts, you’ll reduce noise and increase accuracy.

Lorum Ipsum Expel MDR

Alert-to-fix timeline

See how long it takes our analysts to go from initial alert to remediation (and each step along the way)

Expel detection rules

We write our own detection rules based on simulated and real-life attacks to continuously improve our MTTR

Alert enrichment with benchmarks

We add details about IPs, hashes, and domains, and tell you how often each alert leads to an incident

Incident validation and notification

One click gets you detailed analysis including answers to what happened, where, when, why, and how

Resilience recommendations

We’ll give you detailed and clear guidance on how to improve and get at the root cause of repeated incidents

Lorum Ipsum

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